In a recent video by Palmetto Life, the spotlight is on Caregivers Unlimited, a dedicated home care agency making the challenging task of finding at-home care for your loved ones significantly easier. The video features Joe Wechsler, the CEO, and Bonnie Cresser, the Administrator, shedding light on the history and comprehensive range of services provided by Caregivers Unlimited.

Over Two Decades of Dedication

Caregivers Unlimited has been a steadfast presence in the Low Country for over 20 years. Originating from the personal experience of a nurse in the Somerville area, our agency was born out of a mission to provide quality care for loved ones. Today, the team, led by Bonnie, continues to serve the community, offering a spectrum of services from dementia care to meal preparation, and live-in care to medical supervision.

Addressing the Challenges of Home Care

The conversation delves into the challenges families face when deciding if at-home care is the right choice for their loved ones. Joe emphasizes the difficulty many families encounter when balancing caregiving responsibilities, reaching a point where burnout becomes a real concern. Caregivers Unlimited steps in to simplify the decision-making process. A quick call to our office initiates a free in-home assessment, leading to a personalized care plan that fits the unique needs of each family.

Key Considerations When Choosing Care

When searching for professionals to assist with at-home care, Bonnie highlights the importance of comfort and communication. Caregivers Unlimited places a strong emphasis on core values such as compassion, consistency, and communication. Our team aims to be accessible at all times, offering a direct line of communication to clients without the barrier of an answering service.

Making a Difference in Everyday Tasks

The video underscores the impact of seemingly small tasks that can make a significant difference in the lives of those receiving care. From meal assistance to medication reminders and help with daily living activities, our dedicated caregivers at Caregivers Unlimited find fulfillment in making life easier for their clients and their families.

How to Get in Touch

Caregivers Unlimited stands out as a beacon of support for families navigating the complexities of at-home care. Our dedication, personalized approach, and emphasis on open communication make us a valuable resource for those seeking quality care for their loved ones.

For those considering at-home care, reaching out to Caregivers Unlimited is a straightforward process. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, we can be contacted at 843-832-3222. Our commitment to open communication is further evident in the absence of an answering service, ensuring that clients speak directly to a knowledgeable team member. Additionally, our website,, offers valuable resources for individuals exploring at-home care options.