Aging In Place

5 Huge Benefits to Aging in Place

Today, aging in place is more doable than it has been and more adults are considering it a real possibility. But what if you are not sure if you want to stay at home? Our list of five benefits of aging in place will give you, not only reasons to age in place but detailed information on what these reasons mean and how they affect you in the real world.

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See Me

Read a beautiful poem describing the life of an elderly woman. Sometimes, we may look at them instead of looking in them. There is a lot of beauty when we take the moment to really appreciate the pearls they are and their history.

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How to Build a Long Distance Care Team

We live in a mobile society and that means that adult children are not always going to live in close proximity to aging parents. That makes it difficult to make sure their daily needs are addressed, especially if illness or chronic disease strikes. It is possible to put together a long-distance care team that will [...]

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